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If you've "tried it all" and are ready to regain your youthful energy and vitality, restore your mental clarity, and lose excess weight, you’ve come to the right place. Luminate is pleased to offer Dr. Lucie's 10-week metabolic makeover and lifestyle reset program to restore a healthier, more vibrant, and happier you!

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Metabolic Makeover and Lifestyle Reset Program

Release extra weight, increase your energy, improve your sleep, and love yourself to a more vibrant, healthy life!

Fully customized treatment protocols

Safe, rapid, and permanent weight loss

Balance your hormones to help your body thrive

Enjoy vibrant energy and greater mental clarity

Balance your blood sugars and blood pressure

Enjoy calm, restful, and rejuvenating sleep

Improve your digestion and bowel movements

Combat stress and find your inner peace

Understand your emotional patterns and how to avoid triggers

Look, feel, and live better than ever before

* Treatment results may vary from person to person.

Introducing the Metabolic Makeover and Lifestyle Reset Program

Our 10-week simple-to-follow program is a mind, body, and spirit approach to weight loss. You'll learn about what contributes to weight gain, including sleep, digestion, stress, toxins, and additional lifestyle factors. You'll also learn about healthy eating, becoming self-aware, and making better long-term choices for your health. Individuals following our highly effective program lose an average of 20-30 lbs in the first six weeks safely, quickly, and permanently!

Our 7 Pillar Approach

Our Metabolic Makeover and Lifestyle Reset Program delivers incredible results because of our proprietary 7 pillar approach that addresses the body, mind, and spirit.

Autonomic Pairing

We'll show you how to take control of your nervous system to help you achieve a deep state of balance and healing.

Hormone Reset

Our proprietary spray helps reset and rebalance your hormones, improving your metabolism and energy levels while reducing cravings.

Joyful Movement

Joyful movement focuses on giving your body a chance to thrive through actions that are healing in nature.

Loving Awareness

Gain more insights into your stress and sleep, become more self-aware and resilient to stress, and build a deeper connection with yourself and with those around you.

Narrower Eating Window

Narrowing your feeding window and making healthier food choices will help you stabilize your appetite, have fewer food cravings, and allow your digestive, detoxification, and immune systems to heal.


We have a Facebook group where health-minded people share their stories and support each other and weekly Q&A sessions where we come together as a community.

Rest and Recovery

We dig deeper into ways you can rest and enhance your sleep naturally to tap into your body's innate healing abilities.


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone imbalance can lead to many problems for both men and women, including memory problems, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, trouble sleeping, weight gain, muscle loss, body pain, hair loss, mood swings, hot flashes, loss of libido, and sexual dysfunction. The good news is that restoring your hormonal balance will relieve many of these symptoms and leave you feeling better than you've felt in years.

At Luminate Clinic, we offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy using injections and creams. Bioidentical hormones are identical in composition to those your body naturally produces. That helps avoid a host of complications while optimizing your hormone levels and restoring your balance. Our custom-tailored programs for men and women deliver real, dramatic results!

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Peptide Therapy

Luminate Clinic specializes in peptide therapies that offer health and wellness benefits. We offer several powerful options and will help you create a custom peptide program to address your unique needs and goals.

Peptide treatment has been shown to accelerate stubborn belly fat loss, increase lean muscle mass, increase energy, and improve athletic performance. It can also enhance sex drive, wound healing response, and mental sharpness. Peptide therapy can delay the effects of aging on your skin, deliver stronger bones, decrease joint and muscle pain, improve your quality of sleep, enhance your immune system, and so much more!

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